IT Manager / Lead Developer

Arthur Pemberton

I am a seasoned web developer with over five years of experience developing in various environments, and knowledge of project management obtained from positions in education, IT support, website management, and web development. My years of professional and freelance work have allowed me to hone my skills in several areas, ranging from casual computer support, to software architecture, and management of a team of skilled developers.
Currently, I operate out of the Tampa, Florida, USA area where I work full-time and accept small to medium size clients as part of my regular business.


I specialize in providing cost effective solutions using production ready, but current technology solutions. I offer creation and management of small to medium size WordPress website, and custom web application development on both Microsoft ( 3.5) and GNU/Linux (Python/Django) platforms.

You can read through my biography here for more information, or find my a copy of my resume.