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Fixing UUID is not JSON serializable

April 13, 2015Arthur Pemberton3 Comments

I recently upgraded a Django project to version 1.8, and I am happily using Postgresql and Django’s new UUIDField. While using django-eztables to do the server-side work for, I ran into an issue with a UUID field.

Exception Type: TypeError
Exception Value: UUID('ff6ae150-e218-11e4-8146-bc764e04b86f') is not JSON serializable

After some reason, I found out that json doesn’t support a plug-gable architecture, so the only transparent way to fix this was moneypatching. I put the following into my file.

Dealing with no UUID serialization support in json
from json import JSONEncoder
from uuid import UUID
JSONEncoder_olddefault = JSONEncoder.default
def JSONEncoder_newdefault(self, o):
	if isinstance(o, UUID): return str(o)
	return JSONEncoder_olddefault(self, o)
JSONEncoder.default = JSONEncoder_newdefault

Hope this helps others.

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  1. Dave
    April 13, 2016

    Referenced this in an SO answer myself, tweaked a bit for datetime issue:

  2. Clinton Blackburn
    January 9, 2017

    Instead of monkey-patching, you can simply extend the JSONEncoder class. See the example with ComplexEncoder at

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