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cannot run C compiled programs

February 23, 2019Arthur Pemberton0 Comments

Are you trying pip install pycrpto or otherwise trying to configure an application and you run into the following errors?

checking whether we are cross compiling… configure: error: in `/tmp/pip-install-2eizv0ma/pycrypto’:

configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.

You may run into an issue that originates from improved security practices, and your only hint is in the first line of the error: “/tmp/pip-install-2eizv0ma/pycrypto”

Run the following: mount | grep tmp

If you see the option noexce in the mount point for your “/tmp” path, then that’s the issue — no execution of any file residing on that partition is allowed.

In my case, I was trying to install a Python package via pip which required some compilation of C code, so I was able get around the issue by set the TMPDIR environment variable:

TMPDIR=/path/to/alternate/tmp pip install pycrypto

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