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Request specific URLs in Django

September 17, 2015, Arthur Pemberton0 Comments

Do you have a need to use different URL pattern sets based on specifics of an HTTP request? Recently, I needed to choose from a predefined URL pattern (ie. URLConf module) based on the domain name of the request, ie. HTTP_HOST. The URL patterns themselves are not dynamically set, just dynamically chosen.
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Changing the “Archive Title” used by WordPress

July 21, 2015, Arthur Pemberton0 Comments

If you are using an SEO plug-in with WordPress, you may have changed the <title> of one or more of your archives pages. However, the theme you are using is probably making use of the get_the_archive_title() WordPress function to get the title that is used in, for example, the <h1>.
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Google Apps DNS Entries

June 10, 2015, Arthur Pemberton0 Comments

Every now and again I find myself having to rebuild DNS entries for a client who has Google Apps hosted email. Googling for the appropriate queries gets me there, but in a round about fashion, so I’ve decided to collect the relevant pages here.

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Bets in the NBA

April 24, 2014, Arthur Pemberton0 Comments

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Problems seeking in Chrome’s HTML5 media player

April 2, 2014, Arthur Pemberton0 Comments

If you are serving dynamic binary content via your web application with rudimentary code (eg. simple HttpContext.BinaryWrite) you may find that when utilizing audio or video Chrome does not allow fast forwarding/seeking ahead. This is because Chrome relies strictly on the ability to request byte ranges to supply this functionality. This is done with the Accept-Range HTTP response header.
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Varying Django Settings By Environment

October 21, 2013, Arthur Pemberton0 Comments

If you’ve progressed beyond the exploration phase in your Django journey, you’ve probably come to the point where, at the least, you would like to use one database during your development, and another, once published to your production system. You may even want to

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